5 Benefits of Being a Sports Mega Fan

You’ve heard the haters question your enthusiasm about your favorite sport, right? Whatever their reasons, those who do not share a love or passion for sports may never understand why super fans are so dedicated to sports. There is a slight chance that they will come to understand if you can explain to them how they can benefit from it.

In this post, we share some key benefits of being a super fan you probably did not expect. So, the next time someone laughs at your enthusiasm about your team playing, you can point out these reasons why you are so fanatic about your sports. Let’s get started!

Reduces Stress


While watching your favorite sport, you are relaxed and stress-free. No matter whether your team wins or loses. The activity allows you to kick back and be entertained for the time the game is on. What better way to blow off some steam than to watch a game with some friends over the weekend?

Builds Relationships


Watching sports is ideal for building relationships, making new acquaintances and boosting camaraderie. There simply is no better way to connect with others than sharing a deep passion for sports and watching or even participating in the activity together. It also promotes good sportsmanship.

Promotes an Active Lifestyle


Have you ever watched a game and felt inspired to get to the field and start playing yourself? Whatever sport you follow or watch, it is more likely that you would feel compelled to be active too. Participating in sports has many health benefits in itself, including boosted energy levels, positive outlook and a longer life expectancy.

Boosts Self-esteem


No one can argue the fact that watching your team win has a positive impact on you. In fact, this burst of pride is often coupled with an increase in self-esteem and is referred to as ‘reflected glory’. By witnessing your team win you share in their feeling of success, which also leads to lower chances of depression.

Promotes Traditions

Traditions are great for keeping us grounded and building lasting relationships. Being a big sports fan means you can easily connect with fellow sports fans and start traditions of your own. It also connects you with your team, region, town and so on. In essence, sports fans form their own communities.

As you can see, being sports fans have loads of benefits. As for the haters out there, now you have something to teach them about what it means being a mega fan and how you benefit from it. Perhaps you can even convince someone to join in on the fun.

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The Top Ten NFL Players of All Time

There is nothing more thrilling than watching a football game live. Some are even lucky enough to have witnessed some of the United States’ best players make history, while others can only watch re-runs of their awe-inspiring games.

Join us as we pay homage to some of the States’ toughest, boldest and most talented NFL players of all time. Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who has witnessed one of their incredible games live.

Johnny Unitas


First up we have legendary quarterback Johnny Unitas. Known for his influence to introduce the fourth-quarter comeback and two-minute drill, Unitas has also won numerous awards for his spectacular performance during his career.

Joe Montana


With four Lombardi trophies on his belt, Joe Montana comes in at our number two spot. Perhaps one of the most underestimated players in NFL, Montana wowed teammates and crowds with his agility as a quarterback.

Jerry Rice


Jerry Rice is known as the best wide receiver in NFL history. With a total of 208 touchdowns and many more record-breaking feats, Jerry Rice deserves his spot on this list. His success as an NFL wide receiver can be attributed to his passion for giving it his best.

Lawrence Taylor


Considered as one of the most powerful and fastest linebackers in the history of NFL, Lawrence Taylor gets our number four spot. His passion and drive during his 13-year career in pro ball afforded the evolution of offensive schemes.

Jim Brown


Jim Brown played running back during the late 50’s and early ’60s. Known for his speed and agility, Brown broke countless NFL records even though he only played for nine seasons. Scoring a total of 106 touchdowns, Brown reaches the number five spot on our list.

Walter Payton


Another legendary running back on our list is none other than Walter Payton. With a total of 110 touchdowns and incredible performances during his 13-year career, Payton was hands down one of the NFL’s top running backs.

Dick Butkus


At our number seven spot, we’ve got the exceptional linebacker, Dick Butkus. Known for his brute strength as a linebacker, Butkus was feared by many of his opponents. His discipline and dedication to the game paired with incredible sportsmanship get him on our list.

Tom Brady


Perhaps one of the younger NFL stars featured on our list, Tom Brady needs no formal introduction. With five Lombardi trophies and four Super Bowl MVP awards, Brady is known as one of the best quarterbacks of all time.

Reggie White


One of the legendary defensive ends, Reggie White left his mark solid on NFL history. During his 15-year career, he played during 13 Super Bowl games, won two Player of the Year awards and won a game with the Packers.

Don Hutson


And last but not least, we’ve got Don Hutson. Hutson is honored for holding some of NFL’s records for decades. To this day holds the record for scoring the most touchdowns for the most seasons. Hutson is seen as one of the NFL’s most talented players for his time.

And that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed this roundup of some of the States’ very best NFL players. Did you have the privilege to watch any of their games live? If you love football and would love to see one of your heroes added to our list, be sure to contact the team at The Champion and we’ll be sure to add it here.