5 Best Football Books for Your Bookshelf

What serves as better inspiration than reading a book on your favorite NFL player or team? Maybe there is even a coach you admire whose strategies are chronicled. Reading sports biographies allows us to take a look into the lives of sportsmen off the field. Whether we get to relate to their stories or not, it remains a great way to gain some insights.

Here, we’ll share a list of our favorite football books, they are coincidentally among some of the best out there. If you don’t own at least one of these books, we highly recommend you get it for your bookshelf.

The Education of a Coach, David Halberstam

In this riveting best seller by Halberstam, he chronicles the life and success of Bill Belichick. Belichick is known for his great coaching style in his rise to success. He’s also succeeded in winning three consecutive Lombardi trophies.

America’s Game, The Epic Story of How Pro Football Captured a Nation, Michael MacCambridge


In this thrilling book by Michael MacCambridge, you’ll get to learn the ins and outs of how and where it all began. It also sheds some lights on the politics, coaches and players and team owners. It’s a must-have for any NFL fanatic out there and will give you a comprehensive overview of the history of the sport.

A Thinking Man’s Guide to Pro Football, Paul Zimmerman


Zimmerman was not only an esteemed writer and sports journalist, but he was also a football fanatic and played in the 1960s. In his guide, you will learn everything there is to know about every position on the field, including the history, strategy and success of teams and players.

Finding the Winning Edge, Bill Walsh

Known as one of the most successful and influential coaches of his time, Walsh’s coaching guide or playbook is a must have. Here you will learn more about Walsh’s coaching philosophies, strategies and organizational philosophies.

Monsters: The 1985 Chicago Bears and the Wild Heart of Football, Rich Cohen

Don’t let the title of this fantastic book mislead you. While Cohen does discuss the immaculate power of the 1985 Chicago Bears, he also delves deeper into NFL history. Whether you are a Bears supporter or not, it is an absolute must read that will shed some light on every aspect of the game.

And that’s a wrap! Perhaps you already own one or more of the books we recommend. If not, it’s about time you get your nose stuck in a book and be inspired by some of the inspirational stories behind the coaches, teams and game itself.

Looking for a reliable resource for the latest in football news? We would highly recommend keeping an eye on ESPN, as well as the official NFL website. Here you will find breaking news and results.

Top Tips to Manage Your Bankroll While Betting on Football

Anyone who revels in sports betting news will tell you that the key to successful sports or football betting relies heavily on how you manage your bankroll or finances. The other thing to keep in mind is, of course, is noticing value in a given market.

In this post, we highlight key components of how to master the art of managing your bankroll and revel in your success as a pro sports bettor.

As with any investment, long term sports betting requires careful consideration and strategy. Here we highlight three of the most common bankroll management strategies you can apply in your football betting endeavors.

What are the Odds?


This strategy entails some calculus and research. It’s considered a safe strategy for beginners especially, due to the fact that your bet remains a fixed percentage based on your bankroll and the odds.

A fine strategy overall, but be wary of betting your entire bankroll. Do your research before committing to a bet and losing everything you’ve got.

Keeping a Fixed Percentage


Probably the most common bankroll management strategy out there, and mostly implemented by noobs, a fixed percentage betting strategy seems safe. While you commit to only parting with a certain percentage of your bankroll on any given bet, your risk may be lower.

It has however one flaw; the fixed percentage strategy does not take value into account. A great strategy will always include value.

The Kelly Method

And finally, we’ve got the Kelly Method, one of the oldest bankroll management strategies out there. The reason why it’s one of the most popular bankroll strategies is simply that the value is taken into account in relation to the probability of a win from your team.

Your betting percentage or amount is therefore influenced by the value and the chances of getting a favorable outcome.


Managing your bankroll while betting on football is key to a fun and successful betting experience. Keep a record of your losses and wins, and keep a handle on what you can afford to bet.

Need some more information on bankroll management strategies? Be sure to contact our team and we’ll walk you through everything. Read our post on risks to avoid while betting on football for a guaranteed great betting experience. Happy betting!

4 Risks to Avoid When Betting on Football Online

Sports betting, and betting on football more specifically, is a fun activity aimed to increase the level of enjoyment while watching your team play. While it can be rewarding and entertaining, it holds some risks you have to be aware of before getting started.

In this post, we take a brief look at the four most common risks you should avoid when betting on football at online betting sites.

Losing Your Deposit

The number of online sports bookies out there is increasing on a daily basis. And every single one of them is looking to get as many bettors signed up as possible. There are some fraudsters out there, so be sure to do some research and read as many reviews before joining.

Late Pay-Outs


What’s even worse than losing your deposit? Not getting your hands on the money you rightfully won! Some bookies aren’t reliable when it comes to paying out your winnings. Be sure to check whether the site is governed by a reliable regulatory body and see what other bettors have to say about them.

Identity Theft and Loss of Sensitive Data


There will always be hackers trying to get their hands on your sensitive data. Be sure to visit reliable betting sites with positive reviews, and never bet while connected to an open Wi-Fi spot. You should also ensure you’ve got the necessary security measures and programs in place.

Developing a Gambling Addiction


Finally, you will be at risk of developing a gambling problem. To avoid this, be sure to know when to quit, manage your bankroll and keep a record of everything. Responsible gambling is at the heart of a good and exhilarating football betting experience!

Do your homework, have a failsafe bankroll management strategy in place, and remember that it’s all about having fun. If you get to win, it’s a bonus! With a clear head and keeping these points in mind, you shouldn’t have a problem when you get started betting on football.