The Champion is the brainchild of former athlete and passionate football fanatic Dominique Spence. His passion and love for sports is the foundation of The Champion and the reason why Dominique saw it fit to create a space where sports fanatics could connect.

Dominique was however not prepared for the raging success the site would enjoy. Since inception, a team of sporting journalists and experts have joined Dominique on his quest to create the ideal space where sports fans can unite, share stories and reminisce.

At The Champion, we have four key goals:


Our team aims to keep our audience informed on all the latest sporting news, events and team dynamics. We are dedicated to providing news that is unbiased and reliable.


One of our key purposes is to entertain our readers and keep them coming back for more. From sports trivia to facts and more, The Champion is here to entertain you.


Lastly, The Champion is a space where fellow punters and sports fanatics get to interact with one another. Choose The Champion as your sporting social platform.

Our team of sporting fans are excited to welcome you to our platform. You’ll have instant access to relevant resources, sporting news and events and so much more. We are dedicated to providing only the best sporting content.

Whether you love football, basketball, hockey or just about any type of sport, you’ll be able to get it all and more right here at The Champion.