7 Fascinating Facts About Sports You Didn’t Know

If you love sports and have a curious mind about the history of sports, athletes and the like, you are in great company. As passionate sports fans, we love bits of history and trivia and always look for some interesting facts to share with our fellow sports fans.

In this post, we’ll share some of the most fascinating facts about sports that we know (or believe) is not common knowledge, even among diehard fans. If you are ready to learn a thing or two, get comfortable in your favorite spot and read on! Perhaps you’ll know some of these interesting tidbits already.

MLB Playtime = 18 Minutes

Did you know that the actual playtime of any Major League Baseball Match is 18 minutes? That’s right, we all sit through 3 hours of ads and extras to get a total of 18 minutes of action. Not that we mind though, it’s all part of the fun!

Olympic Gold = Silver

Olympic gold medals are in fact made from silver. It does, however, consist of 1% of gold which accounts for the finish, the remainder is all silver and only 6% copper. The very last time that actual gold medals were awarded was at the 1912 Olympic Games.

Football vs Soccer


While some countries still refer to sport like football, others still make use of the term soccer. Soccer is actually a slang form of the word ‘association’ and is derived from Football Association. This was shortened to form ‘socca’, which eventually became ‘soccer’.

The Basketball is the Origin of the Volleyball


The very first volleyball was in fact made from the inner of an old basketball. Initially, they intended to use the basketball, but it was too heavy. William G. Morgan, the founder of the sport which started gaining popularity in 1895, then used the inner tube of the basketball instead.

MLB Uses Dirty Balls

If you’ve ever tried playing baseball with a brand-new ball, you’d know how difficult it is to work with. Due to the factory sheen, it’s difficult to grip and that is why Major League Baseball uses mud to wipe each MLB ball. This strange ritual has been in practice for more than 75 years.

Insurance for your Hole-in-One

Did you know that Japanese golfers actually take out hole-in-one insurance? It’s customary for Japanese golfers to have a big celebration after scoring a hole-in-one, some even buy their golf buddies special gifts. Others have a celebratory party for close friends. It is estimated that 4 million Japanese golfers have golf insurance.


Super Bowl Rings for Referees

Yes, referees who officiate Super Bowl games also receive their own rings. While it is customary that players get Super Bowl rings, rings give to referees are not exactly the same. It is however quite large and impressive and serves as a beautiful commemoration.


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Finally, as a takeaway, be sure to keep your eye on sporting news to know of all the latest team and sporting developments. We highly recommend USA Today for all the latest in sporting news. Good luck, and have fun!